Building Bridges

Kihew provides practical solutions for complex issues using research and strategy, walking alongside our clients to co-create economic and social solutions based on a community-development and learning approach. We work with industry, government, and community organizations across Canada, and have earned a track record for success with strategic partnerships that yield positive results.

Our Services


We support governments and boards by braiding Indigenous knowledge into governance frameworks. We work alongside leaders as they navigate complex dynamics, build capacity, and drive innovation.

Research & Strategy

The allegory of Opimihaw “to see through the eyes of an eagle” guides how we support leaders to make well-informed strategic decisions. The expansive sight of Opimihaw represents our commitment to integrating systems thinking and reliable data and research into our work.

Consultation & Engagement

We work with government, industry, and Indigenous organizations to design authentic engagement practices that amplify Indigenous knowledge and generate meaningful relationships.

Business & Economic Development

Indigenous wealth is community wealth. We approach business from a spiritual and relational perspective, assisting Nations and collectives to generate sustainable revenues and positive social impact.